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Product Overview

  • Superskin® cast vaginal opening, straight from Angela’s hot and stunningly attractive feature
  • An inner texture that features rounded and stimulating chambered designs and ribbed features that take users beyond their known limits
  • Exclusive pearlescent-finished case and signature opening makes it the must-have accessory for every Angela White fan!
  • Dual end caps regulate suction and pressure, letting users control their climax to a stunning finish every time
  • World’s number one selling male masturbator brand
  • Made in the USA

Product Description

The Angela White Fleshlight - Indulge has a single, life cast opening, in lifelike Superskin® material that emulates the soft touch and sensual feel of human skin like nothing else. Thrill at the sight of Angela’s most intimate folds and curves, and swell with delight as her sensual lips shroud your throbbing manhood, deeper into the densely ridged and node-filled spaces that hug and caress with each stroke. The Indulge texture will become a new favorite, and is the perfect introduction to Fleshlight if you are new to the branded accessory.

A sturdy outer case, synonymous to Fleshlight’s construction, gives a firm grip and lets users enjoy one or two hand action with ease. The supple, soft and pouting lips of the life cast vaginal opening makes for intense and worthwhile pleasure, used as a stroker, or for oral practice/sensations. It’s like having Angela right there with you, and what better way to enjoy watching her on the screen, than while you play along with your very own Fleshlight version of her steaming, aching opening. The Angela White Fleshlight - Indulge makes the perfect solo pleasure partner for swift pleasure on the spur of the moment, or for intense edging and stamina training. Enjoy it with a partner, and let them learn from you just how you like it by having you show them directly.

Angela White Fleshlight - Indulge is a hard accessory to become bored with. Versatile and portable, the twin end caps give a discreet storage solution, with the top end cap also serving as a way to intensify internal suction, perfect for when you’re nearing climax and want that memorable finish. Clean up and maintenance is a breeze, with Fleshlight’s own brand of toy cleaner, lubricant and refresher powder (sold separately), highly recommended to keep your investment in pristine performance condition, as fresh as the day it arrived.

Product Details


Total Length: 9.75 inches
Insertable Length: 8.5 inches
Diameter: 3 inches
Girth: Up to 7 inches
Product Weight: 1.5 lbs.


Flexibility: Flexible inner sleeve, solid case/end caps
Material: Superskin®, ABS
Color: Beige, pearlescent case
Texture: Smooth, ribbed, lifelike
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual stroker
Shape: Ergonomic case, vaginal opening
Power Type: Manual
Powerful: Yes

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