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Product Overview

  • Designed and manufactured by a medical company, originally developed to assist prostate patients recover from surgery
  • Patients stopped returning the devices once they discovered the ‘secret’ power it gave them
  • The perfect amount of accurate pressure on the prostate before and during arousal can greatly enhance the erotic experience, arousal and climax in men
  • Many users report a stronger, longer erection, with more intense, deep and internal orgasms, better than any experienced without the device
  • Use solo or with a partner during sex, easy to clean and maintain
  • Medical grade materials and quality assured, full directions and care instructions are included

Product Description

The Aneros Prostate Massager was originally designed to assist prostate patients recover from surgery. When they stopped returning the devices, doctors asked why, and were shocked to discover that the majority of users were experiencing rock-hard erections and powerful, never-like they’d-ever-had-before ejaculations and orgasms. Now you can too!

Sexual pleasure, even intense orgasm is indeed possible by stimulating the prostate alone. Touted as the ‘male G-spot,’ the prostate is the gland which produces and stores the bulk of male semen, as well as vital hormones and aiding urinary function.

The technology is simple. Angle a smooth and rounded surface to place pressure on the male prostate when the device is inserted into the rectum. The user can flex their perineal muscle, in tandem with their anus, which in turn further stimulates the prostate internally. Now, doing this when the user is in a state of sexual arousal is a different story. It feels incredible, with many users reporting ‘near religious’ experiences.

The Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager is the perfect tool for all males who want to achieve a fuller and deeper, more meaningful sexual experience. Period. Easily inserted into the rectum with a little lube and some relaxation, the non-threatening dimensions mold themselves to the rectal wall, naturally seeking out the target of direct stimulation.

Made from a patented, medically and clinically trialed, body safe plastic compound, the Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager is safer than glass and silicone, with quality assurance and strict manufacturing protocols from a medical manufacturer/designer.

Fully waterproof, and featuring unique perineal and spinal nerve stimulating nodules, along with an easy insert, won’t go further than it should flared base, the Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager is medical technology that is now available to empower and assist every male who desires more intense sexual and climactic potential.

Product Details


Total Length: 4 inches
Insertable Length: 3.5 inches
Width: 1.5 inches at widest point internally
Product Weight: 5.4 oz.


Flexibility: Fixed
Material: Medical grade, biphenyl BPA-free plastic
Color: Red Ice
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Waterproof materials; see kit for full care instructions

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual/pressure
Shape: Ergonomic
Power Type: Manual pressure
Powerful: Yes

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