Original Hitachi Magic Wand Massager HV-260

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Product Overview

  • Classic design features a large, semi-flexible head, long handle and easy switch controls with 2 speed settings, high and low
  • Ideal as a personal massager on muscles, arms and legs, neck etc.
  • Attachments for any gender available separately, making it useful for erotic play
  • Perfect to use on the body during intercourse/masturbation, with the vibrations so strong, the travel through the limbs and body, enhancing stimulation for many users
  • Fixed power cord, with 6 feet means it never runs out of batteries and doesn’t need recharging, you just plug and play
  • Solid, robust design is a classic for foreplay and adventurous role play or fantasy play
  • The incredible power however, makes up for any shortfalls and it’s still the most purchased vibrator in history…

Product Description

The Magic Wand Personal Massager HV-260 has been its current incarnation for over 30 years, servicing those in need. Whether a tired, aching back or neck, or inducing a sense of relief to a very different kind of ache, this powerful, handheld vibrating massager has held its own for more than quarter of a century for one simple reason: it’s powerful and it works!

Not recommended for first time toy users. Why? Simply put, it’s too powerful. This means that if placed directly on the clitoris or penis, it will most likely make you go numb before any climax can be achieved. Having said that, it is an excellent combination toy and makes a kickass massager when you do have a sore neck or shoulder. More experienced toy lovers find something like the Magic Wand Personal Massager HV-260 best used in conjunction with penetration from a partner, or having found their own special use for this erotic beast. A good example is when placed on the inner thigh, its powerful vibrations travel up into the abdomen via the pelvis, giving a unique sensation that’s second-to-none.

The large, TPR head of the Magic Wand Personal Massager HV-260 is maybe too big for penetration, but again, horses for courses. It’s the intensity of vibration that might surprisingly disappoint. When even on the lowest setting, it’s vibrating at such high frequency; it will cause numbness over climax. The use of specialized product attachments (sold separately) are recommended for those wanting to use this as a sex toy.

So, in essence, the Magic Wand Personal Massager HV-260 is indeed quite possibly the most powerful handheld vibrator around, and has been for over thirty years, but some personal use and experimentation are needed, especially to gain the maximum benefit of it in an erotic setting, with partnered penetration being the first and most preferred port of call for most regular users.

Product Details


Length: 13.5 inches
Product Weight: 1.5 lbs.


Flexibility: Solid shaft, semi-flexible ball head
Material: Silicone, TPR, ABS
Color: White
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: No

Additional Info

Controller Type: Switch, high and low settings
Shape: Non-phallic vibrator/massager
Power Type: Mains plug
Powerful: Yes, extremely potent

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