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Venus Butterfly Vibrator - PinkVenus Butterfly Vibrator - Pink
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Evolved Put a Ring on It Sliding Shaft Butterfly VibeEvolved Put a Ring on It Sliding Shaft Butterfly Vibe
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Silicone Butterfly Kiss VibratorSilicone Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
Silicone Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
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Evolved The Butterfly Effect Dual VibratorEvolved The Butterfly Effect Dual Vibrator
Butterfly Dreams G Spot StimulatorButterfly Dreams G Spot Stimulator
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Rechargeable Butterfly Kiss VibratorRechargeable Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
Rechargeable Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
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Evolved Double Date KitEvolved Double Date Kit
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Platinum Butterfly Kiss VibratorPlatinum Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
Platinum Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
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Dragonfly Fantasy Strap On Butterfly VibratorDragonfly Fantasy Strap On Butterfly Vibrator

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Enjoy the Ultimate Hands-Free Orgasm with a Butterfly Vibrator

What do you imagine in connection with the word strap-on? A wearable type of sex toy, it’s meant to be used on someone else… or is it?

The butterfly sex toy is a perfect little toy if you’re looking for hands-free, concentrated clitoral stimulation. Very often, the design of the butterfly vibrator incorporated straps, keeping it in place while you adjust the settings or just sit down and enjoy yourself.

A butterfly vibrator is a perfect choice if clitoral stimulation is your thing. It can be used alongside anal toys or even penis toys if you’re bringing the gadgets to an experience with a partner.

Butterfly Vibrators FAQ

What Are the Different Types of Butterfly Vibrators?

The classic butterfly vibrator consists of a butterfly-like shape that gets fastened to the body using straps. It’s meant entirely for clitoral stimulation. If you want something a bit more thrilling, however, you can get a two-in-one product like a vibrator with the butterfly design incorporated in the shaft for added clitoral stimulation during penetration.

Can Such a Small Sex Toy Ensure Good Stimulation?

The short answer to this question is yes. Now, here’s the longer explanation – just like other adult sex toys, butterfly vibrators come with multiple settings. It’s always recommended to start with the lowest one and move up the intensity to see what feels good. Don’t forget that a butterfly vibrator is created for targeted clitoral stimulation. In addition, it fastens to the body, meaning that all of the delicious vibrations are delivered exactly where you need them to be. These two characteristics work together to help you experience a mind-blowing orgasm each time you use your butterfly vibrator.

Why Should I Choose a Butterfly Vibrator?

The classic butterfly vibrator is a hands-free type of sex toy. Just put it in position, secure the straps and you’re ready to get started. While the butterfly vibrator is working on your clitoris, you’ll be free to use your hands in other pleasurable ways on yourself or on your partner.

Are Butterfly Vibrators Easy to Clean?

While butterfly vibrators have a bit more intricate shape than other sex toys like bullet vibrators, for example, they’re still easy to clean. Many of the toys are completely waterproof. They’re usually made of rubber or medical-grade silicone. These materials can be cleaned with a bit of mild soap and water. To get the best result, clean the sex toy immediately after use and don’t allow bodily fluids to dry on it. Let the butterfly vibrator air dry after it’s been washed and store it in a pouch or a container.

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