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Urethral Sounds

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Explore Powerful Stimulation with Urethral Sounds

The urethra passes by many incredibly sensitive spots, hence the use of urethral sounds can contribute to direct nerve stimulation. Additionally, the insertion of a high quality sound in the urethra is one of the easiest ways to stimulate the prostate for a powerful P-spot orgasm. While urethral sounding is still considered a fairly niche sexual practice, it’s becoming more popular by the day because sounding equipment is easier to come by than ever before.

Speaking of sounding equipment, quality matters a lot. Urethral sounds have to be sterilized before insertion, which is why they need the right design and they also have to be made of high quality materials. You’ll find many such items and entire urethral sounding kits at HotCherry. Our collection includes medical-grade silicone sets, stainless steel dilators and even vibrating sounds. We also offer kits for the needs of beginners and more experienced users.

A Urethral Sound Gives You Stronger Orgasms

While sexual pleasure is a subjective thing, most people who have tried urethral sounding report it contributes to more intense stimulation and really powerful orgasms. This is why you should consider such equipment if you’re interested in testing out something new and understanding all of the different ways in which your body can be stimulated.

Urethral sounding started out as a medical procedure and later on, it turned into a kink. Luckily, today we’re more sexually open than ever before and exploration is encouraged. This is the reason why urethral sounding has become more accessible and it gets considered more often than it has been in the past. If you’re curious about the practice, don’t go for DIY items and things you can find at home. Inserting such items in the urethra isn’t going to lead to pleasure and even more importantly – it can be dangerous. The risk of infections is real if you’re not counting on high quality, specialized equipment.

Stainless steel and medical-grade silicone sounds are the best choice because these materials can be sterilized easily in boiling water. Some people prefer metal because of its heft while others are more keen on the flexibility and lightness of silicone. Choosing one or the other is just about individual preference – there isn’t one material that’s superior to the other. Professional urethral sounds can also be textured or spiralized to make the experience unforgettable. In fact, many guys who have tried such a sound claim that it produces their favorite type of sexual stimulation.

Urethral stimulation does require patience and a bit of practice. That’s why we recommend starting out with the right kit for beginners before moving on to something else. Such sounds are narrower and easier to insert. Once you get comfortable with them, you can move on to more textured accessories that will up the intensity and change the rules of the sex game forever.

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