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Topco Sex Toys

Take Your Pleasure into Your Own Hands with a Topco Sex Toy

Founded in 1942, Topco is one of the largest sex toy manufacturers in the world with a history of delivering groundbreaking, quality products. Their team of dedicated sex toy visionaries constantly innovate with creative ideas to bring pleasure-giving to life, and deliver it straight to your bedroom door. They’re also one of the only FDA registered facilities in the adult industry!

Whether you’re looking for ultra-realistic strokers, penis extensions or dildos, you’ll be pleased at the feel of the Cyberskin material they’re made from. Here are some commonly asked questions about Topco’s sensual products.

Topco Sex Toys FAQ

What is Cyberskin?

Cyberskin is a soft, flexible material used to mimic the feel and appearance of real skin. It’s extremely realistic, and a higher quality one like that used by Topco is hypoallergenic, since it is free of both latexes and phthalates.

How do you use a stroker?

Always start off by using a lubricant to ensure that the stroker slides over your penis without any painful friction. Make sure to apply ample amounts on your penis and the insides of the stroker. Start by slowly inserting the head of your penis into the stroker, and enjoy the tight sensations of the first bits of pressure. If you feel like you’re lubed up enough, hold the base of the stroker as you easy into it, making sure to stay relaxed to let the stroker expand to the girth of your penis.

Once it’s in, grip the stroker with one hand and begin stroking up and down the length of your shaft, without going too vigorously as it may lead to it slipping off. For added pleasure, you can use your finger to close the other side of the stroker to create stronger suction inside.

Will the stroker fit me?

Strokers are usually very stretchable and take the shape and girth of your penis. That’s why they’re so popular – they’re designed to fit perfectly on a range of penises.

Can I only use these toys alone?

While Topco designs and creates a ton of masturbation toys such as strokers and dildos, you can definitely incorporate them into couple’s play. Whether you start your play off with some mutual masturbation or just want to switch things up in the bedroom, there are many ways you can enjoy all of Topco’s products alone or with a lover.