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Product Overview

  • Perfectly sized, the smaller balls require you to use more muscle, which helps develop more muscle control
  • Increase arousal with these Ben Wa Balls, and train yourself to have more intense orgasms
  • Extreme, almost uncontrollable arousal can be experienced when they are used in tandem with direct clitoral, oral or anal stimulation/penetration
  • Elegant velvet pouch included for easy storage and transport

Product Description

Ancient Chinese legend has it that women used these pleasure orbs to experience deep, powerful orgasms that would delicately grow to epic heights. How, you may ask? They would insert them into their vaginas and spend hours rocking gently back and forth. Now, you can achieve this same pleasure using these beautiful Ben Wa Balls!

Each ball contains a weighted bead that rolls with your movements stimulating and massaging you while challenging your pelvic muscles to hold them in place. Their smaller size requires you to use more muscle, which develops more muscle control. To start, simply lubricate your Ben Wa Balls and hold them in for 15-20 minutes, and slowly work your way up to longer hold times. Because they are silent, you can use them throughout the day, or even while running errands, if you dare. Use them every day for best results!

Using these balls on their own, or along with clitoral, oral or anal stimulation/penetration really is the best way to experience the height of the possible levels of arousal and climax obtainable. As your body naturally flexes in pleasure, the balls move independently, creating extra G-spot and internal nerve pulses that signal extreme, intense arousal and pre-climactic response messages to the brain, heightening any exercise or sexual experience further, often to the point of disbelief for the first time or beginner user! Try this ancient technique of pleasure for yourself and see if glorious history repeats itself.

    Product Details


    Length: 0.75"
    Width: 0.75"
    Circumference: 2.3"
    Product Weight: 2 oz.


    Flexibility: Firm
    Material: Stainless steel
    Color: Silver
    Texture: Smooth
    Waterproof: Yes

    Additional Info

    Controller Type: Manual retention
    Features: Ben wa balls, phthalate-free, latex free, body safe, compact, hypoallergenic, travel friendly, smooth, luxury design, velvet pouch included

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