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Double the Pleasure with Rabbit Dildos and Vibrators

Remember the 1998 Sex and the City episode called The Turtle and the Hare? Yes, the Hare refers to the spectacular rabbit vibrator and the series did a lot to popularize this staple sex toy.

What makes the rabbit vibe one of the favorite sex toys out there, you may ask? It ensures powerful clitoral stimulation, deliciously pleasurable penetration and even G-spot stimulation (when the design is right). A rabbit dildo can be used alongside anal toys and penis toys, getting things in the bedroom heated right off the bat.

Rabbit Vibrators FAQ

Why Is It Called a Rabbit Vibrator?

That’s a good question but the answer is pretty prosaic. The original design of the vibrator was reminiscent of a dildo with rabbit ears attached to the shaft. These ensured proper clitoral stimulation through rapid oscillations.

Today, the design of rabbit vibrators has become much more diversified. Often, the rabbit years are stylized and difficult to distinguish but the innovative designs ensure even better stimulation.

Who Is the Rabbit Vibrator Good for?

Some of you may feel intimidated by the size and the numerous functionalities of the rabbit vibrator. But you shouldn’t be! It’s easy to use and you can find at least one design that gives you everything you want in terms of stimulation.

Still, you may want to get yourself fully aroused before starting the fun with the rabbit vibrator. Using your fingers or trying a clitoral vibrator first will help you enjoy the experience with your quick and teasing rabbit.

How to Get Started with a Rabbit Vibrator?

Since the rabbit vibrator can do a lot, you should take it slow. Whether you’re using it on your own or experimenting with a partner, start with the slower settings and move up the possibilities.

Don’t feel pressured to go for penetration right from the start. You can rub the vibrator against your body or give your partner a sensuous massage. Change the speeds and the pressure you’re applying to discover new fun activities to incorporate into foreplay or masturbation.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using a Rabbit Dildo?

Where do we get started? First, the rabbit dildo is very powerful and it tends to have numerous settings. It’s one of the sex toys that will help you reach one of the fastest orgasms of your life, if you’re looking for a quickie.

Research also suggests that rabbit vibrators can increase the length and intensity of the climax. This is the toy you can use to experience a blended orgasm – a clitoral and a G-spot orgasm.

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