Blush Performance Plus Silicone Penis Extender

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Size: 9"
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Product Overview

  • Increase your natural length to go deeper
  • Increase your natural girth all the way around to hit your partner’s spots even better
  • Comfortable ball strap provides a secure fit and delays ejaculation
  • Textured rings to provide suction
  • Fully waterproof, and can be used anywhere you like, compatible for your healthy and safe wet fun!
  • Made of platinum-cured silicone, durable, body safe, and easy to clean

Product Description

Add extra inches, girth, and a sensational stimulating pattern of veins and a big, bulging head. Here, with the realistic penis sleeve, you can stimulate your partner further when at rest, during times when a full erection is difficult, or just for something extra in the overall package size and feel! This hot performance enhancer offers a smooth, realistic feel while maximizing your potential. Gain more girth and length without sacrificing the authentic, intimate sensation!

Just like your own shaft but longer and thicker, the internal ribbing creates suction that holds the sheath securely in place, while simultaneously amplifying sensation for the wearer. Just insert your penis into the sheath and then slide your testicles through the ball strap, and prepare to explore new dimensions with your partner! Choose between the 3 available sizes based on what suits your lifestyle.

This vibrating ring is fully waterproof, so take it in the shower with you and enjoy your stronger, longer-lasting and hypersensitive erection, while your partner squeals with pleasure. Made of a premium, platinum cured silicone, this male performance enhancer is body safe, contains no fragrances, phthalates or latex, and is durable, body safe, easy to clean.

Product Details


9 Inch Length: 6 inches insertable, 2 inches width, 6.6 oz.
10 Inch Length: 7.25 inches insertable, 2 inches width, 7.8 oz.
11.5 Inch Length: 8.75 inches insertable, 2 inches width, 13.4 oz.


Flexibility: Somewhat Flexible
Material: Platinum Cured Silicone
Color: Beige
Texture: Veined
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual
Power Type: N/A
Features: Internal rimming, performance enhancer, textured rings, ball strap, 3 different sizes to choose from
Powerful: N/A

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