Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Masturbator

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Product Overview

  • Pulsating masturbator
  • Pleasure Air technology
  • Eight intensities and pulsating airwaves
  • Intense orgasms
  • CleanTech silicone
  • DryTech Stick
  • Storage base doubles as charging station
  • Waterproof and easy to clean

Product Description

A unique product, the Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air masturbator, is a high-tech piece of equipment that brings targeted pulsating airwaves that target the pleasure receptors on the penis. The pulsating airwaves stimulate the glans and bring intensive orgasms for men as close to a female orgasm as possible. The internal channel of the Ion Pleasure Air is made from CleanTech silicone that is a premium, body-safe material. It has a sensor that activates when it detects skin contact, so the toy will not run needlessly.

The storage base for the Ion Pleasure Air masturbator is named DryTech stick which removes all moisture from the toy after cleaning. The storage base is also a charging station, and it looks discreet while automatically charging the masturbator.

The masturbator disassembles for cleaning with a simple twist-to-open mechanism that brings the masturbator into two pieces. The working end of the masturbator can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water and left to dry. Once dry, it should be stored in the DryTech stick, which will completely dry it and make sure it is charged for your next session.

Product Details


Length: 11.02"
Width: 3.5"
Girth: 9.4"
Weight: 2.46 lbs.


Flexibility: Firm
Material: Body-safe silicone
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth finish
Waterproof: Waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Sensor control
Power Supply: Internal Li-Ion rechargeable battery, USB cable included, Drying and charging port
Features: Body-safe silicone, Pulsating airwaves target pleasure receptors, Eight intensities. Smart Silence Technology, Twist-to-open for easy cleaning, Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, USB charging cable, DryTech stick, Storage/charging base.

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