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Keep Your Pleasure in Your Hands with an Anal Masturbator

Anal is definitely a kink, although it’s becoming much less taboo and way more experimental every day! If you want to experience the feeling of anal before diving into it, or simply want a way to get it when you want it, an anal masturbator is the perfect treat for you.

Take masturbation to the next level by slipping into one of these with your favorite water-based lube and going to town. Pair it with a cock ring for a longer erection, and a harder orgasm! Feel the tight sensation that comes with anal sex, and experience a mind-blowing orgasm like you’ve never had before.

Browse our wide selection of anal masturbators that are sure to take your solo masturbation or foreplay with a partner to the next level. To help you learn a bit more about anal strokers, we’ve addressed some commonly asked questions:

Anal Masturbators FAQ

How does an anal stroker work?

This kind of anal masturbation toy is generally made from TPR that is designed to give users the same stimulating feelings that you get during anal sex. The openings are designed to stroke the penis with just the right amount of pressure, and its texture and construction are molded to replicate an actual anal opening.

How do I choose the right size?

Anal masturbators come in various sizes, and it’s up to you to choose the size which will suit your needs the most. Some prefer a snugger fit, while others like it a little looser. If you have a larger penis, you may need one with a larger opening. If you need help with sizing, check out our Penis Toy Sizing Guide.

Do all anal strokers look and feel like an anus?

While many anal masturbators are modeled on anal openings and even add visual detail to make it feel more real, you can choose other types of strokers. Some are designed to look and feel like a mouth or a vagina. It’s all about personal taste and preference.

How do I clean my anal masturbator?

Because of the material they’re made from – silicone or TPR – you can use an antibacterial soap and warm water to clean your anal masturbator. Even better use a sex toy cleaner as they are meant to be used on materials that sex toys are made of. It will also kill any germs or bacteria. Let your anal masturbator dry completely before putting it away.