Crystal Glass Butt Plug - Medium

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Product Overview

  • Beautiful purple, hand blown borosilicate glass gives the smoothness and hardness of glass, along with the safety of shatter and fracture resistance
  • Midsized, for those wanting to up their stretch a little, or for more experienced or just plain adventurous users
  • Slightly longer neck gives longer reach, better retention , as does the flared and round base, preventing unwanted travel and securing the plug for longer-term wear
  • Use in conjunction with oral, solo or other toy/intercourse, for maximum pleasure, with climaxes being sent into overdrive
  • Heat sensitive and warms to your own heat quickly, can be heated or cooled for effect during use

Product Description

A vibrant, durable and high-quality, hand blown, borosilicate glass butt plug that has medium-sized dimensions. Ideal for those upping their stretch, or for adventurous first timers and experienced users, this midsized plug features a longer neck than most, giving better reach as well as making it easier to retain for extended wear.

Glass is an ideal material for anal plugs/toys. It’s naturally nonporous and can be heated or cooled to your own body temperature as well as adding new elements to play. The sleek surface of this glass butt plug makes insertion and glide feel more natural, with a firmness and presence that is totally unique over any other material. Borosilicate glass is also shatter and fracture resistant, making it a logical choice for your next plug, or for your very first one!

A classic, ovoid bulb with smooth, rounded tip makes insertion a true pleasure, with the 4.75-inch girth giving most users a comforting, relieving stretch that is manageable for longer term wear, and makes solo or shared pleasure go up several notches, especially at ‘bell time.’ Cleaning glass is easiest of all, with the glass butt plug not shying away from being boiled or bleached in a 1:10 solution before being rinsed thoroughly. If used as recommended, avoiding chips and scratches, along with proper storage, this plug should last a lifetime of pleasures.

Product Details


Total Length: 3 inches
Insertable Length: 2.5 inches
Width: 1.4 inches at widest point
Girth: 4.75 inches
Weights: 5 oz.


Flexibility: Fixed
Material: Hand blown borosilicate glass
Color: Purple
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual retention
Shape: Bulb, stem, ovoid
Power Type: Manual retention
Features: Midsized for better stretch, smooth finish, longer neck
Powerful: Yes

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