Fleshlight Pink Butt Original


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Product Overview

  • Discover anal delight with no protest or complaints, in a super clean and ultra-realistic, hygienic replication of the tightest A-hole that you can utilize whenever you feel like
  • Use solo to build stamina, edge to an incredible climax, or just go where you’ve never gone before…
  • Superskin® material technology perfectly simulates actual feeling and intensity of real sex, while the end cap can be adjusted to create more (or less) suction
  • Internal canal is perfectly smooth and hugs your cock as you penetrate the realistic and anatomically correct A-hole (single-entry) opening
  • Manually operated and gives you more control over just how you like it, and means you never run out of batteries, either

Product Description

The fleshlight ass gives you all the real feel technology and powerful suction of the original and bestselling fleshlight, and combines it with an ultra-tight channel and irresistible little A-hole. If you have an anal obsession, or just can’t get any real action, the fleshlight ass is the next best thing, with the Superskin® material lending itself perfectly to the smooth and soft, yet incredibly orgasm promoting tightness of real anal.

Grab some lube and prepare to be challenged the first few uses. It’s a tight hole, and the channel is oh-so nice and tight around your shaft, perfectly replicating the intensity of anal, with all the smoothness and suction control of a fleshlight. Just loosen the end cap for less suction/pressure, or tighten that cap and try hard not to bust your own, as the fleshlight ass grips your dick like nothing else.

The perfect tool for stimulating yourself whilst receiving or giving yourself some anal action. Or it can be used solely to build up stamina and your sexual technique in private. The fleshlight ass is so tight, you’d last a lot longer with the real thing after a few sessions with it; it’s perfect and means you can enjoy both live and simulated anal for longer, especially with regular practice. The only side effect might be a silly grin and a lot of clock watching, counting the minutes until you can use it again!

Anal curious, working on your stamina and technique, or just in the market for the tightest and best quality, highest selling male masturbator in history… the fleshlight ass definitely delivers. Easy to clean and maintain, it comes with full care and use instructions, along with Fleshlight’s factory and quality guarantee.

Product Details


Total Length: 10 inches
Insertable Length: 8.5 inches
Diameter: 3 inches
Girth: Most fleshlight sleeves accommodate up to 8-9 inches of personal girth
Product Weight: 1.62 lbs.


Flexibility: Flexible internal sleeve, fixed case
Material: ABS plastic case, Superskin® internal sleeve
Color: Black, pink
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual masturbator
Shape: Anus, flashlight
Power Type: Manual masturbator
Powerful: Yes

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