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Product Overview

  • Compact and more discreet than the original, the Aviator is clear, with an ergonomic case and see-through design that lets you see all the action as well as feel it
  • Single entry is tight and snug, with standard Fleshlight technology turned up a notch, it delivers the ultimate in solo pleasure…
  • Perfect stamina or edging accessory!
  • The stimulating interior is powerful, but can be mastered with continued use
  • More compact and discreet, the non-specific case is a little less obvious than the original fleshlight, making it more user friendly when it comes to storage/travel
  • Perfect for those who travel for work, or are on the move, and for times when you need to take your pleasure with you…

Product Description

The Fleshlight Flight Aviator Male Masturbator takes the principles and materials of the original Fleshlight, and lets you go further, longer and harder. Feature-packed, but ultra-discreet, the compact unit houses a super stimulating interior sleeve that will take your solo pleasure to new heights. Perfect for the traveling and discerning user, or for taking stamina training to the next level with pleasure that is almost unbelievable.

The Fleshlight Flight Aviator Male Masturbator features a unique interior, ribbed and textured sleeve, which complements the clear outer case, giving you a bird’s eye view of your own action, which many users find extra arousing. It also beckons for shared use, making visual stimulation as much a part of arousal, excitement and play as stimulation and climax is.

Finishing too soon? Or maybe you just like the idea of pleasure for longer, with thicker, harder erections and a more intense climax. The Fleshlight Flight Aviator Male Masturbator is the ideal edging or stamina training tool, with a non-descript case that can be left in plain sight, or easily stored; it’s the perfect travel and home-based pleasure accessory.

The single entry is extra tight and opens into the equally snug, textured chamber, which although ribbed is ultra-soft, guiding your manhood down further, exerting the most exquisite pressure on all the right places with every stroke. Clean up is simple, with the compact and easy to disassemble design allowing for thorough and hassle-free, water based clean up with your favorite toy cleaner!

Product Details


Total Length: 8 inches
Insertable Length: Up to 6 inches
Width: 3.5 inches at widest point
Girth: Standard Fleshlight sleeves can accommodate up to 7 inches of girth
Product Weight: 1.6 lbs.


Flexibility: Flexible sleeve, solid case
Material: Superskin®, ABS plastic
Color: Clear
Texture: Ribbed inner sleeve, ergonomic/smooth case
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual male masturbator
Shape: Ergonomic
Power Type: Manual male masturbator
Features: Waterproof, compact, intense, ideal stamina trainer, portable/discreet
Powerful: Yes

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