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Experience a Gentle Touch with a Soft Dildo

Looking for a dildo with a gentle touch? Soft dildos are great for beginners or gentle players, and the ones curated in this section have that squishy feeling you like best. They are great for those who enjoy a slower, more intimate lovemaking session and provide a comfortable, cushy experience.

Close your eyes and enjoy the soft caress of these plush dildos on your pleasure parts. The softness is excellent for women who experience sexual discomfort, to help the vagina to get more accustomed to the sensation of penetration. Also, just because these dildos are soft, doesn’t make them small – this section includes tons of big dildos, for the size enthusiasts.

Browse our wide selection of soft dildos that will help you feel gently filled up and satisfied. To help you learn a bit more about soft dildos, we’ve addressed some commonly asked questions:

Soft Dildos FAQ

What are super soft dildos made from?

Materials of soft dildos can vary, but generally they are made from silicone. The thing about silicone is that many people don’t realize is that silicone toys can vary in many shapes and sizes, but also in firmness and durability. Dual-density or jelly dildos are some of the softer materials.

How soft are they?

Each dildo will vary in softness, but even descriptions aren’t an absolute guarantee of how the dildo will feel inside you. The reason for that is because individual sensitivity differs, and other factors like size can affect the hardness of your dildo – the larger a toy is, the more likely it’ll feel firmer overall, to prevent having a flimsy toy.

There are so many different dildos to choose from! Which one is the best?

There is no such thing as the ‘best dildo’, only the one that’s best for you. Every body is different, therefore you have to find the one which you are most comfortable with. Our soft dildo collection includes dildos of various materials, shapes and sizes, so doing your research on which material may be right for you can help to narrow down your search greatly. As for shapes and sizes, start by looking at your own collection and what you like, and go from there. If this is your very first dildo, browse and see which one visually get your juices pumping!

Do I need to use lubrication with these dildos?

Whether you’re playing with a dildo or another sex toy, the use of lubricant is at your own discretion. Some people need lube, others don’t – sometimes it depends on the day. However, we always recommend using lube if it’s going to be inserted anally, to prevent any tearing, as the anus is not self-lubricating. How much you should use is based on personal preference, but we suggest using a quality water-based lube to preserve the material and increase the longevity of your product.