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Purple Rose Nubby Glass DildoPurple Rose Nubby Glass Dildo
Glas Small Glass DildoGlas Small Glass Dildo
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Glas Double Ended Glass DildoGlas Double Ended Glass Dildo
Lux Fetish 4 Inch Inflatable Anal DildoLux Fetish 4 Inch Inflatable Anal Dildo
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Pride 3 Silicone Anal DildoPride 3 Silicone Anal Dildo
Pride 2 Silicone Dildo PlugPride 2 Silicone Dildo Plug
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Pride 1 Anal Dildo PlugPride 1 Anal Dildo Plug
Avant D5 Big Silicone DildoAvant D5 Big Silicone Dildo
Avant D4 8 Inch Silicone DildoAvant D4 8 Inch Silicone Dildo
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Ruse Jammy 8 Inch Cock DildoRuse Jammy 8 Inch Cock Dildo
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Willy's Silicone Anal DildoWilly's Silicone Anal Dildo
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Ruse 18 Inch Silicone Double DildoRuse 18 Inch Silicone Double Dildo
Silk Silicone DildoSilk Silicone Dildo
Silk Silicone Dildo
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Hit the P-spot Every Time with the Best Dildos for Men

Men can use and enjoy dildos just as much as women do, but the secret is in choosing the right one. The benefits of sex toys on men’s sexual health and pleasure are similar to those on female’s. Plenty of studies show that regular masturbation reduces the risk of prostate cancer, so why not add a sexy dildo into your playtime?

The best dildos for men will be ones that target the prostate, better known sexually as the ‘P-spot’. If you’re looking to reach that toe-curling, mind-blowing P-spot orgasm, you’ve come to the right place! Strap this dildo onto a harness for some pegging fun or go freehold for ultimate anal pleasure.

Browse our wide selection of dildos well-suited for men that will fill you up and target all your hot spots. To help you learn a bit more about dildos for men, we’ve addressed some commonly asked questions:

Dildos for Men FAQ

What should I look for in a dildo, as someone with a prostate?

Generally, the best thing to look for in a dildo if you have a prostate is a curved shaft for prostate stimulation. Some may also seek out a tapered tip for easy insertion, but this isn’t necessary. A circumcised tip can feel deliciously good, as the texture of the mushroom head feels delightful when inserted into the anus.

I’m straight – can I still buy a dildo?

Of course! Many straight men get nervous or anxious when it comes to anal play, however what you like in bed does not determine your sexuality. You can enjoy a dildo and still be straight! Male dildos provides anal stimulation and can be used during masturbation, foreplay or anal sex. If the idea of a penis shaped dildo still makes you uncomfortable, there are plenty of non-phallic shaped toys to choose from!

Why does a dildo feel good in the anus?

The anus is filled with sensitive nerve-endings that greatly enhance sexual pleasure. Plenty of males that use dildos report much stronger orgasms, and even more forceful ejaculations. The pressure back there intensifies the sensation of masturbation. The best news is, even if you’re not fully comfortable with full insertion just yet, you can simply press the head of your dildo to the anus and stimulate the many nerve endings there