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Showing 1 - 36 of 192 products
First Time Crystal Booty KitFirst Time Crystal Booty Kit
First Time Crystal Booty Kit
Sale price$23.99

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Nipple Grips Power Grip 4-Point Weighted Nipple PressNipple Grips Power Grip 4-Point Weighted Nipple Press
Save 32%
Thrusting Panther VibratorThrusting Panther Vibrator
Thrusting Panther Vibrator
Sale price$90.99 Regular price$133.99

Save 32%
Chrome Hand CuffsChrome Hand Cuffs
Chrome Hand Cuffs
Sale price$31.99 Regular price$46.99

Save 31%
Vivid Raw Juicy Jugs Love Doll - IvoryVivid Raw Juicy Jugs Love Doll - Ivory
Vivid Raw Juicy Jugs Love Doll - Ivory
Sale price$63.99 Regular price$92.99

Vivid Raw Brown Sugar Love Doll - BrownVivid Raw Brown Sugar Love Doll - Brown
Save 43%
Shane's World College Party Doll - IvoryShane's World College Party Doll - Ivory
Shane's World College Party Doll - Ivory
Sale price$36.99 Regular price$64.99

Save 43%
Big Bust Babe Doll - IvoryBig Bust Babe Doll - Ivory
Big Bust Babe Doll - Ivory
Sale price$36.99 Regular price$64.99

Save 42%
India Nubian Love Doll - BrownIndia Nubian Love Doll - Brown
India Nubian Love Doll - Brown
Sale price$36.99 Regular price$63.99

Save 42%
Naughty Naomi Love DollNaughty Naomi Love Doll
Naughty Naomi Love Doll
Sale price$36.99 Regular price$63.99

The Blonde Starlet Doll - IvoryThe Blonde Starlet Doll - Ivory
My Taunting Temptress Love DollMy Taunting Temptress Love Doll
Wrap Around Lover Doll - IvoryWrap Around Lover Doll - Ivory
Ultra-Soft STP Hollow 5 Inch Packer DildoUltra-Soft STP Hollow 5 Inch Packer Dildo
Ultra-Soft STP Hollow 5 Inch Packer Dildo
Sale price$42.99

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His Prostate Training Kit - BlackHis Prostate Training Kit - Black
Save 39%
Gyration Sensations Pleasing Flutter VibeGyration Sensations Pleasing Flutter Vibe
Gyration Sensations Pleasing Flutter Vibe
Sale price$38.99 Regular price$63.99

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Boundless Blackout Eye MaskBoundless Blackout Eye Mask
Boundless Blackout Eye Mask
Sale price$16.99 Regular price$25.99

Deep Throat StrokerDeep Throat Stroker
Deep Throat Stroker
Sale price$20.99

Save 30%
Alexis Amore's Vibrating Pussy & AssAlexis Amore's Vibrating Pussy & Ass
Alexis Amore's Vibrating Pussy & Ass
Sale price$61.99 Regular price$87.99

Butterfly Dreams G Spot StimulatorButterfly Dreams G Spot Stimulator
Silicone Pegging Probe for MenSilicone Pegging Probe for Men
Silicone Pegging Probe for Men
Sale price$22.99

French Kiss Casanova Clitoral VibeFrench Kiss Casanova Clitoral Vibe
Save 27%
Private Tube Shona River Pussy MasturbatorPrivate Tube Shona River Pussy Masturbator
Private Tube Shona River Pussy Masturbator
Sale price$108.99 Regular price$149.99

Save 40%
Her Clit KitHer Clit Kit
Her Clit Kit
Sale price$39.99 Regular price$66.99

Save 40%
Dual Rechargeable Silicone Kegel BallsDual Rechargeable Silicone Kegel Balls
Dual Rechargeable Silicone Kegel Balls
Sale price$56.99 Regular price$94.99

Lock-N-Play Remote Panty Teaser VibeLock-N-Play Remote Panty Teaser Vibe
Remote Control 10-Function Little Black PantyRemote Control 10-Function Little Black Panty
Silicone Rechargeable Teasing Tongue EnhancerSilicone Rechargeable Teasing Tongue Enhancer
Save 43%
Rechargeable Kegel BallRechargeable Kegel Ball
Rechargeable Kegel Ball
Sale price$50.99 Regular price$89.99

Save 43%
Rechargeable Butterfly Kiss VibratorRechargeable Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
Rechargeable Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
Sale price$52.99 Regular price$92.99

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Private Tube Tarra White Pussy MasturbatorPrivate Tube Tarra White Pussy Masturbator
Intimate Play Finger Bunny VibeIntimate Play Finger Bunny Vibe
Save 39%
Amante Caliente MasturbatorAmante Caliente Masturbator
Amante Caliente Masturbator
Sale price$27.99 Regular price$45.99

Save 45%
Silicone Butterfly Kiss VibratorSilicone Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
Silicone Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
Sale price$33.99 Regular price$61.99

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Remote Control Lace Thong SetRemote Control Lace Thong Set
Tingle Gel Edible Arousal GelTingle Gel Edible Arousal Gel

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Find Exactly What You’re Looking For with California Exotic Sex Toy

As the world’s leading manufacturer in pleasure products for single’s and couple’s play, there’s truly something amazing for everyone in California Exotic’s collection. Whether you want to reignite the romance and passion in your relationships or even with yourself, this is a good place to start.

Founder Susan Colvin has dedicated over two decades to the company’s mission of creating the most female-friendly intimate products on the market, and boy, have they delivered! Winning multiple industry awards was no accident – their superior performance and quality combined with their carefully designed features made with pure pleasure in mind make them a shoe-in for a spot in your toy collection.

Their selection of products includes items in a number of categories, including vibrators, dildos, bullets, anal toys and more. Still have questions? We’ve answered some common ones right here.

California Exotic Sex Toys FAQ

Many of their products come in a pack of 3. Why?

Sometimes you’ll see a pack of 3 with certain toys such as butt plugs, vibrators or cock ring sets. They usually range in different sizes, from small to large, and the purpose of this varies based on the product. For insertable items like butt plugs, the reason for a set of 3 is so that you have the ability to train yourself to accommodate larger sizes. For things like vibrators, you’ll usually have a base with 3 different attachments that will service you in different ways – one might target only the clitoris while the other hits the G-spot. Cock rings are usually in a set of 3 to prevent issues with sizing, and to allow the wearer to use a tighter one if it fits for extra strength and stamina training.

How can I clean my products?

Since many of California Exotic’s sex toys are made of premium silicone, it’s easy to keep them hygienic and looking brand new. We recommend that you clean your sex toys after every playtime session. When you’re done, simply wash them with warm water and soap, or use a gentle toy cleaner. Make sure it dries thoroughly before storing it, and try and keep it away from your other sex toys, as the materials can react to each other after long periods of time. If the toy you purchased is of a different material, we suggest you do a separate search on how to clean those specific materials.

Are these toys under warranty?

California Exotics offers a one-year warranty which is activated as soon as you register your product on their website. See their Warranty and Registration page for more details.

What if I receive this product as a gift and don’t have the receipt?

While these products make fantastic gifts, you do need some sort of proof of purchase in order to activate the warranty. This can be done through a debit/credit card statement from the gift giver showing the transaction, or the gift giver can get the retailer they purchased it from to create a receipt for them and give it to you.