Icicles No. 46 Hand Blown Glass Butt Plug

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Product Description

Hand blown from solid, 100% shatterproof, borosilicate glass, this glass anal toy has been ergonomically designed for reach and stimulation of both prostate and G-spot in any gender, with the ring pull base making insertion and retrieval, as well as unwanted travel an afterthought, letting you concentrate on the delights of silky smooth, conforming and filling anal sensations. Completely safe to use in conjunction with intercourse or other stimulating play. Whether it be solo, coupled or in a group (with friends).

A high end, superior quality, glass butt plug is the preference for many today, with the benefits of naturally porous free and sleek glass being not only seamlessly smooth and warming quickly to body temperature, but also offering a natural hardness and presence. Additionally, it gives a silky, friction-free performance every time.

Waterproof and with a good weight, assuming a non-threatening size, it makes an ideal (first time or additional) glass anal toy. It can be worn for extended periods, with the ringed base nestling in between the buttocks, giving a full, smooth and natural feel. Borosilicate glass also lends itself well to temperature play, with this glass butt plug giving you a warm heat or shivering slice of chilled eroticism once suitably heated or cooled prior to (or during) playtime.

Luxuriant and comforting, the curvature seems to find its own way to your internal pleasure centers, while the bulb width offers a unique pressure that silicone just can’t, all with no seams or joins, and a slender but strong neck for you to safely contract around, securing the device while still adding a new dimension of pleasure with every movement…

Product Overview

  • Solid and fracture resistant, 100% borosilicate glass with an ergonomic and stimulating design
  • Ideal for use by any gender, offering maximum P or G-spot stimulation when used anally
  • The product is also ideal for use in conjunction with vaginal intercourse or other stimulating play
  • Smooth, seamless surface gives anti-catch and friction free performance
  • Large, ergonomic (ring base) design makes insertion and retrieval easy while preventing unwanted travel
  • Can be worn long term, with the ring base nestling between the buttocks, giving maximum internal stimulation with natural movement and in complete silence

Sizing Info

Because glass butt plugs will not be as strong as steel, they will come with a thicker neck and shorter insertable lengths that range up to 5 inches. For these, you only need to size up for the circumference of the glass butt plug.

This is quickly done with the help of a partner and a couple of items. All you need is some lubrication and your partner's fingers along with a soft tape measure too.

Next, you need to find a position in which you are comfortable, and where can expose the anus. From this position, ask your willing partner to lube their fingers and the anus and gently ease their fingers (or a safe object like an anal dildo) inside. With fingers, they’ll need to add them until it feels at the limit for you, carefully and gently. You will reach the point where you feel they can go no more.

Now you can tell them to withdraw their fingers (or safe object) and measure around the point where they had their fingers/object inserted up to. This will give you the size of the glass butt plug you can safely accommodate.

Because these are generally smaller, you can find circumferences of between two and three inches at the small end, and then they range up to between 4 and 5 inches at the top.

Note: You can measure yourself solo, but if possible, it’s easier with a partner because of the angle required.

Product Details


Total Length: 4.25 inches
Insertable Length: 3.25 inches
Width: 1 inch
Product Weight: 2.75 oz.


Flexibility: Fixed, solid tempered glass
Material: Borosilicate glass
Color: Clear
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug
Shape: Ergonomic, bulb
Power Type: Manual plug, kinetic movement
Powerful: Yes

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