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Glas Amethyst Rain Glass Anal Butt PlugGlas Amethyst Rain Glass Anal Butt Plug
Glas Amethyst Rain Glass Anal Butt Plug
Sale price$12.99 Regular price$17.99
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Tailz Butt Plug - Fox TailTailz Butt Plug - Fox Tail
Tailz Butt Plug - Fox Tail
Sale price$36.99 Regular price$59.99
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Adam & Eve Glass Butt Plug SetAdam & Eve Glass Butt Plug Set
Adam & Eve Glass Butt Plug Set
Sale price$39.99 Regular price$51.99
Crystal Glass Butt Plug - MediumCrystal Glass Butt Plug - Medium
Icicles No. 85 Vibrating Glass PlugIcicles No. 85 Vibrating Glass Plug
Crystal Small Glass Butt PlugCrystal Small Glass Butt Plug
Stardust Glam Brilliant Crystal PlugStardust Glam Brilliant Crystal Plug
Stardust Glam Brilliant Crystal Plug
Sale price$42.99
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Tailz Animal Tail Butt PlugTailz Animal Tail Butt Plug
Icicles No. 79 Glass Diamond Butt Plug - PinkIcicles No. 79 Glass Diamond Butt Plug - Pink
Galileo Glass Butt PlugGalileo Glass Butt Plug
Crystal Premium Glass Tapered Anal PlugCrystal Premium Glass Tapered Anal Plug
Crystal Premium Glass Tapered Anal Plug
Sale priceFrom $18.99
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Icicles No. 25 Glass Butt PlugIcicles No. 25 Glass Butt Plug
Save 33%
Onyx Glass Prostate MassagerOnyx Glass Prostate Massager
Onyx Glass Prostate Massager
Sale price$39.99 Regular price$59.99
Icicles No. 26 Glass Butt PlugIcicles No. 26 Glass Butt Plug
Icicles No. 44 Glass Butt PlugIcicles No. 44 Glass Butt Plug
Icicles No. 44 Glass Butt Plug
Sale price$24.00
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Enjoy Clear, Hard Delights with a Glass Butt Plug

Beautiful in appearance, smooth and firm, glass butt plugs are the sex toy of preference for many. The experience is completely different from using a rubber or a silicone butt plug. If you want to experiment more with anal play, a glass butt plug is a must-add item for your collection.

Glass also allows for temperature play, which is why many women love their glass dildo. Getting a glass butt plug cold or very warm before engaging in anal play will add another dimension to the erotic experience.

Glass Butt Plugs FAQ

Can a Glass Butt Plug Break?

Glass can be a brittle material but you have no reason to worry when using your butt plug. This is especially true for toys made by reputable manufacturers and from high-quality materials like Pyrex glass.

The glass that sex toys are made of is shatter-resistant. It can be heated, it can be cooled down, it can be dropped and it’s not going to break. Even if you get a bit more passionate during anal play, you will not break the butt plug.

Is It More Difficult to Get a Glass Butt Plug in Because It’s Firm?

While the glass butt plugs aren't as flexible as silicone butt plugs, they're very smooth. When you apply enough lube and you’re properly relaxed, you should have no trouble with inserting a glass anal plug.

To make things easy, you’ll simply need to choose the right size. If you’re engaging in anal play for the first time, go small!

Can Men Use Glass Anal Plugs?

Both men and women can use glass butt plugs. If you enjoy anal penetration, the glass butt plug is a great choice for you.

In fact, some men prefer glass over anal toys made of other materials. Because the glass is firm, it can provide more consistent and intense prostate massages than other anal toys.

If you’re interested in prostate massages, you can find specially shaped glass butt plugs that were created especially for the purpose.

Are Glass Butt Plugs Easier to Clean?

Yes, the glass is completely non-porous. It doesn’t harbor bacteria and it’s much easier to wash than other types of anal toys.

After the use, wipe the glass butt plug with a wet wipe before washing with water and anti-bacterial soap. Occasionally, you can throw your glass sex toys in the dishwasher after you’ve cleaned it – the high temperature will have a sterilizing effect.

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