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Product Overview

  • Ancient technique for sexual potency and self-awareness, available in the modern age
  • Set includes two balls for women’s usage
  • Seamless, surgical (stainless steel) construction is hygienic and hypoallergenic
  • Stimulation via kinetic energy (movement) from the wearer, totally silent and can be worn both short and long term
  • Naturally weighted, creating a reflex action in pelvic floor muscles to retain ball/s
  • Perfect companion for Kegel exercises
  • Rust-free composition, easy to clean and maintain, comes with a discreet, soft, storage pouch

Product Description

Based on an ancient system of sexual and personal (female) internal strength training, ben wa balls’ origin is shrouded in mystery. Fortunately, today, they are freely available and still offer females the best option for strengthening and maintaining pelvic floor strength, while also heightening sexual awareness, pleasure and prowess, both solo and with a partner.

Often advertised as vibrating, the ben wa ball’s surgical steel construction is designed to deliver stimulation through kinetic, rather than artificially generated energy. Meaning? They move inside you as you move, stimulating the inside of your body and forcing muscular contraction to retain them. They may also be used during solo play or intercourse, with many women enjoying them internally as they service themselves via clitoral and/or anal stimulation simultaneously.

Just 1 inch in diameter, they are easily inserted, with just the one being recommended until the user is accustomed to retaining more. The ben wa ball’s surgical steel gives a comfortably-exhilarating sense of fullness. Once they start to move around, it doesn’t take long for the user to find the best positions and activities to stimulate themselves further to powerful climax.

The ben wa ball’s surgical stainless steel means they are completely safe to use internally and are, by their very nature, easy to clean and anti-bacterial, with a simple wash with soap and warm water. Just pat dry and stow away in the storage bag provided until the next session.

Ben wa ball’s surgical stainless steel can be warmed or chilled prior to use and are totally waterproof, just be sure and dry thoroughly after cleaning. Also the perfect companion product to use during kegel exercises, ben wa balls are a must-have in the collection of the (empowered and aware) female’s self-discovery kit.

Product Details


Diameter: 1 inch
Product Weight: 1.0 lbs.


Flexibility: Solid stainless steel
Material: 100% surgical stainless steel
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth and ribbed
Waterproof: No, splash proof only, do not immerse in water

Additional Info

Controller Type: Push button, corded controller
Phthalate Free: Yes
Shape: Sphere
Power Type: Internal kinetic energy
Powerful: Yes

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