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Perfect Fit Ergoflo Director Anal DouchePerfect Fit Ergoflo Director Anal Douche
Colt Large Inflatable DilatorColt Large Inflatable Dilator
Porn Hub Vibrating Butt PlugPorn Hub Vibrating Butt Plug
Save 28%
Porn Hub Vibrating Butt Plug UnisexPorn Hub Vibrating Butt Plug Unisex
Save 31%
Power Balls Huge Anal BeadsPower Balls Huge Anal Beads
Save 38%
Pretty Love Vibrating Butt PlugPretty Love Vibrating Butt Plug
Save 30%
Pretty Love Vibrating Penis Butt PlugPretty Love Vibrating Penis Butt Plug
Pretty Love Vibrating Prostate MassagerPretty Love Vibrating Prostate Massager
Save 37%
Malesation Inflatable Vibrating Butt PlugMalesation Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug
Save 24%
Ram Large Inflatable Butt PlugRam Large Inflatable Butt Plug
Save 32%
Sensuelle Homme Medical Grade Prostate MassagerSensuelle Homme Medical Grade Prostate Massager
Spark Medium Silicone Anal PlugSpark Medium Silicone Anal Plug
Save 38%
Tailz Butt Plug - Fox TailTailz Butt Plug - Fox Tail
Tailz Rainbow Pony Tail Butt PlugTailz Rainbow Pony Tail Butt Plug
Save 27%
Tailz Rainbow Tail Butt PlugTailz Rainbow Tail Butt Plug
Tantus Prostate Gland MassagerTantus Prostate Gland Massager
Save 43%
Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt PlugAnal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug
Save 32%
Unicorn Tails Butt PlugUnicorn Tails Butt Plug
Save 40%
Unisex Anal Douche Enema SetUnisex Anal Douche Enema Set
Save 52%
Dr Joel Kaplan 7.5 Inch Prostate MassagerDr Joel Kaplan 7.5 Inch Prostate Massager
Vibrating Anal MassagerVibrating Anal Massager
Save 43%
Pocket Exotics Small Anal VibratorPocket Exotics Small Anal Vibrator
Unicorn Tails PlugUnicorn Tails Plug
Unicorn Tails Plug
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Vibrating Prostate StimulatorVibrating Prostate Stimulator

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Take Your Sexual Experience to the Next Level with Anal Toys

While all forms of consensual sexual activity are becoming normalized (yay!), there’s still some taboo surrounding anal play. It’s probably one of the things that make it even more exciting. If you’re contemplating anal stimulation but you’ve never done it before, you should try it. The anus is so sensitive that proper anal play can contribute to earth-shattering orgasms.

There’s a huge variety of anal sex toys to experiment with. From the classic butt plug and anal beads to prostate toys, you’ll find at least a few items that you’d want to try on your own or with a partner.

Anal Toys FAQ

Can Both Men and Women Use Anal Toys?

If you enjoy penetration or a bit of anal stimulation, these toys are perfect for you. There are no gender distinctions when it comes to anal stimulation. Both sexes can find such activities pleasurable, when they’re performed patiently, lovingly and gently.

What Are Some Good Anal Toys for Beginners?

Anyone who’s a newbie to the world of anal stimulation should take it slow.

Starting with a small butt plug is a good idea so that you get a better feel of what the insertion is like. And remember, the anus and rectum don’t produce their lubrication. Always use a generous amount of lube that is compatible with the material of your adult toys.

When you become fully comfortable with butt plugs, you can move on to something even more stimulating like an inflatable butt plug or a large butt plug.

How Should I Use Anal Toys Safely?

An anal toy should always have a flared base. There’s a reason for the design specific. Anal toys can get sucked up and they’ll be difficult to get out if this happens.

Thus, you can use an anal dildo for anal stimulation that has the right design.

It’s best to buy a set of toys specifically for anal play. If you use the same toy for vaginal and anal play, condoms will be recommended and make sure the item is perfectly sanitized each time.

What’s the Best Way to Insert and Remove Anal Toys?

You should go slow with both the insertion and the removal of anal toys.

Make sure that you’re relaxed and properly aroused before experimenting with anal play. Anything that feels uncomfortable or unpleasant should be discontinued. If you’re not certain about using an anal toy yet, try a finger or two first.

When removing an anal toy you should be gently pulling. Getting it out rapidly will feel uncomfortable so don’t rush things. Sometimes, a butt plug or another anal toy could come out on its own after an orgasm.

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