Dorcel Geisha Jeweled Plug

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Product Overview

  • Larger sized butt plug with internal (metal) geisha ball and large, faceted, acrylic gem base
  • Internal geisha ball moves independently when stimulated by kinetic movement, adding heightened pleasure to the standard plug experience
  • Spade/bulb design creates internal pressure and stimulates P and G-spot by pressing on the rectal wall directly
  • Perfect for short or long term wear, excellent when used during vaginal intercourse, or during other stimulating genital play
  • Large, round base houses stunning acrylic gem and holds the plug safely, preventing unwanted travel, sitting flat so you can too (when you wear it)

Product Description

Bringing the ancient secrets of the geisha ball to the modern age, and combining its potency within a large, silicone butt plug, this jeweled butt plug features larger dimensions, an acrylic jeweled base, as well as the powerful, static, internal geisha ball which naturally vibrates and moves as you do. The kinetic energy of sensual or day to day movement creates additional movement within the larger sized plug, sending extra shivers of delight to the user, and to their partner when used in tandem with penetrating sex or other stimulation.

The jeweled butt plug offers a beautiful and stunning accessory, as well as a powerful and filling product that’s body safe. The softness of body safe silicone fills the wearer without too much heaviness or drag, with the slender base prompting natural and sensual contractions around it to assist in retention and escalate the thrill, exciting the powerful nerve endings surrounding the anus.

Fully waterproof and made to please, while perfectly being a feature of your personal dress up, cosplay or other fantasy erotica. Yes, the jeweled butt plug also makes a fantastic gift! Mark an occasion, or create one around it, it’s suited for use by any gender, solo or couple, with any skill level, although the larger dimensions may be better suited to experienced users.

Product Details


Total Length: 3.74 inches
Insertable Length: 3 inches
Width: 1.57 inches
Girth: 4.93 inches
Product Weight: 4.64 oz.


Flexibility: Smooth
Material: Silicone, acrylic, metal
Color: Black, ruby red
Texture: Smooth, faceted gem base
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug, geisha ball (inside plug)
Shape: Spade
Power Type: Manual butt plug, kinetic-powered geisha ball
Powerful: Yes

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