Shots Ouch Silicone Rechargeable Anal Set


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Whether you're new to the pleasures of anal sex or a seasoned backdoor lover, this exciting 6-piece set always delivers!" This USB-rechargeable silicone bullet is equipped with an ultra-strong motor, revving up to a staggering 10.000 rpm and comes with 10 exciting speed modes. The bullet slides into the base of the 5 different butt plugs varying in length and structure. It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge giving 45 minutes of anal pleasure! It is IPX7 waterproof which means plenty of bath time fun.

Rechargeable time: 120 min

Recharged battery lifetime: 45 min


Bullet: 0.7 oz
Buttplug small: 1 oz
Buttplug large: 1.6 oz
Curve Buttplug small: 1.3 oz
Curve Buttplug medium: 2 oz
Curve Buttplug large: 2 oz

Product Diameter:

Bullet: 0.8"
Buttplug small: 1.2"
Buttplug large: 1.25"
Curve Buttplug small: 1.25"
Curve Buttplug medium: 1.25"
Curve Buttplug large: 1"

Insertable Length:

Bullet: 1.8"
Buttplug small: 2.4"
Buttplug large: 3.3"
Curve Buttplug small: 3.3"
Curve Buttplug medium: 4.7"
Curve Buttplug large: 5.9"

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