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There is sometimes a little confusion when it comes to the term vibrating dildo, mostly because a lot of individuals think this is the same as a vibrator. In function they are similar but, in looks, they are very different because a vibrator is often smooth, whereas a dildo is made to the male penis.

Vibrating dildos are still made with the intention of penetration, be it vaginal or anal, but they can be used to stimulate other parts of the body too. In fact, they can be used to tease nipples, the clit or other external body parts as well.

The majority of vibrating dildos are hand held. However, you can find models that are suitable for strap-on functionality or come with a suction cup for more varied sexual positions and play options.

Many models are very realistic and come with testicles for added realism, and if used in the right way, they can deliver some very welcomed additional stimulation on erogenous zones.

Many vibrating dildos come with remote controls of some kind. This can be a wired remote, or in the new sex toy models, the controller will be wireless. This again opens new avenues of play when a partner is in charge of the control unit.

Blush X5 Basic 5 Vibrating Dildo

Different Types & Styles

Realistic vibrating dildos with rabbit ears – This type is designed for both penetration and for clitoral stimulation. They resemble a rabbit vibrator, but the insertion portion is designed to mimic the male penis. These often come in various colors, rather than flesh colored.

Rechargeable vibrating dildos with suction cup – These add another dimension to the suction cup dildo by adding vibration bullets into the mix. Not only can the user try lots of varied positions, but they can control the vibrations to match their own climax like it’s a real partner.

Rechargeable strap-on vibrating dildos – These are intended for female use only. They often come with a section that sits inside the vagina of the strap-on wearer, and the lifelike portion is used to penetrate their partner. This can be male or female, and with added vibrations, they can both receive lots of extra stimulation.

Curved rechargeable vibrating dildos – These curved dildos also come in two varieties. The first is curved in a way to stimulate the G-spot in women, and the second type is designed and curved in a way to stimulate the prostate in men, also known as the P-spot.

King Cock 7 Inch Vibrating Dildo

Double penetration rechargeable vibrating dildos – Again, these are designed for female use and can be worn as a strap-on. They come with two portions. There’s a smaller one for anal penetration, and a larger, more realistic (penis-looking) vaginal penetration portion.

Hollow rechargeable strap-on dildo – This type of rechargeable vibrating dildo is designed with man pleasure in mind. They are realistic looking dildos, but they are hollow inside for the man to slide his penis in to. This will then give him a much larger penis to satisfy his partner. With added vibrations, it can take both partners to a crushing climax.

How to Choose the Best Vibrating Dildo for You

Vibrating dildos will go through a lot of actions because of their buzzing vibrations. So, for reliability, it’s better to stick to one of the more popular brand names when choosing. If you are unsure which brand is best, check out customer reviews to see which one is delivering the most satisfaction.

Some factors aren’t found on a regular dildo, and this will include the following:

  • Number of vibration speeds
  • Design and pattern
  • Size and shape
  • Built-in or removable rechargeable unit 

All of these will have an overall impact on your satisfaction with your device. With the above in mind, it’s worth defining how you want to use your rechargeable dildo because this can also impact your decision.

Here is a run through of the criterion in more detail…

Sizes of vibrating dildo – Length and girth do need consideration. If you are a new user, then a giant vibrating dildo won’t leave you fulfilled and can leave you disappointed. Length isn’t much of an issue because this is adjustable, but girth is a very different matter. If your body isn’t designed to take something so big, then it won’t fit. Bear that in mind.

If you have difficulties with penetration but still like the fuller feeling, once the rechargeable vibrating dildo is inserted, you can opt for an inflatable version that can make things a little easier.

Texture – Although most of these rechargeable vibrating dildos are designed to be lifelike, they do come with various textures while still retaining the penis shape, in most cases. These can be in the form of ridges or bobbles and can offer different levels of stimulation.

Shape – This will be crucial if you are aiming for the G-spot or for men if you want prostate stimulation. Not all female, rechargeable, vibrating dildos are suitable for prostate massage.

Material – Depending on the touch of the dildo against your skin, the material will dictate how pleasurable it feels to you. Most of these rechargeable vibrating dildos are made from silicone, but this can come with a natural texture which is a harder or a softer version that is used in lifelike dildos. Others might be made of metal, or other materials.

Loverboy The Boxer 9 Inch Vibrating Dildo

What Are the Benefits

Vibrating dildos have many unique benefits. Here is a quick rundown of what users can find once they use a vibrating dildo.

Vaginal sex therapy – Vaginal muscles can be strengthened when using a vibrating dildo. The kegel muscles will get a real workout from the undulations of your vibrating dildo when it’s inserted. This can raise sexual performance for when you are with a real partner because you have more muscle control. Clenching on a male partner can be a real turn on for both people.

Both sexes – Because there are vibrating dildos designed for both male and females, now both sexes can enjoy the throbbing feelings from the vibrating dildo. Women do have the added feature of having both a vagina and an anus so they can enjoy both pleasures. For men, it can be something to add spice into their sex life, or the vibrations can help stimulate the prostate for gratification and/or health purposes.

Stimulating senses – There is a great deal of sensual stimulation between partners when a vibrating dildo is used. There’s nothing better than watching a partner squeal with delight as they use a dildo and letting the other partner see what pleasures them the most.

Lifting the mood – There is no question that when you use a vibrating dildo, it will make you feel much happier. Endorphins will be released, and these will travel around the brain making you feel happier overall.

Real Skin All American Vibrating Dildo

Some Safety Considerations

There are a few things you need to know when it comes to safety when using vibrating dildos. Some of these are common for all sex toys, while some points relate to dildos in particular.

Although not critical, they do need careful consideration, so it doesn’t spoil your experience with your vibrating dildo.

Vibrating dildo getting stuck – This relates more to anal play. And a lot of the injuries which relate to sex toys are from dildos becoming stuck inside the anus. Manufacturers do their best to prevent this with the addition of a flared base or a pair of testicles. Be aware of this issue for your safety.

Too much of something that feels good – With vibrating dildos, anyone can achieve lots of stimulation and mind-blowing orgasms. But with overuse, especially on full speed, some individuals start to feel numbness in their vagina and clitoral area. A vibrating dildo that is used for too long on the top setting can cause this, and on some occasions, it can lead to pain too. To counteract this, you need to keep the dildo moving, and also regulate the speed occasionally so the body can recover.

Getting down and dirty – There are a large number of individuals that don’t clean their vibrating dildos as they should. It is essential to follow a strict cleaning regimen no matter what material your vibrating dildo is made from. Don’t share your toys either, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and bacterial infections are very real indeed.

Chemicals – This problem arises when vibrating dildos are purchased from suppliers who use chemicals that are known to have an effect on some individuals. These are called phthalates and can seep from the coating of your vibrating dildo, at this point, they’ll cause itching or rashes.

Real Skin Realistic Dildo

Where Can You Use Vibrating Dildos?

Vibrating dildos can be used in much the same scenario as regular, realistic dildos can. However, they do deliver a lot more stimulation, so using them in different places will provide a much more beautiful experience.

If you have a female partner, then wearing a vibrating dildo with a strap-on device can drive her wild. Added to this is the fact that you can also receive stimulation yourself from the vibrations as you push your body hard to perform penetration. On top of this, there are the double headed vibrating dildos too. These can be worn with strap-ons, and you can use DP (deep penetration) on your female partner.

There are quite a few models of vibrating dildos which come with suction cups. Now, when you have these stuck to a chair or the floor and you ride cowgirl, you can change the experience altogether. You will be on another level if not cloud nine by the time you have finished. Yep!

Going back to a strap-on, you can pleasure a male partner in the form of pegging and penetrate him anally. If the vibrating dildo is curved to reach his prostate, you can drive him wild like never before.

If you purchase a model that is classed as waterproof, then they are okay to use in the shower. Suction cup vibrating dildos are great to stick on shower walls as long as you are wary of the lube making the floor slippery. Be careful in wet areas, always.

Vibrating dildos can be used female to female; female to male or male to male. And it doesn’t matter if there are one or two extra partners involved, depending on what you enjoy. The versatility of a vibrating dildo can raise up any sexual get-together or solo play super well.

Shane Diesel Realistic Dildo

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Before anything else, you should remove any vibrating or rechargeable dildo unit before cleaning your toy. This is vital because you can either cause injury to yourself, or you may damage your dildo’s vibrating unit.

Once you have done this, you can clean them in a couple of different ways. Also, the use of the dildo will mean you need to clean it more if it has been used for anal penetration compared to vaginal.

It doesn’t matter what materials they are made from, you can wash them with an antibacterial dishwashing liquid, or a bar of antibacterial soap. Be sure to make plenty of bubbles so you can clean all around the ribs, bobbles, bulging veins, and under the rim of the penis head too.

For silicone vibrating dildos, you can let them sit in hot water for a few minutes to sterilize them, or if you have one, you can drop it into the dishwasher to get the same result.

Lifelike vibrating dildos will be sticky after cleaning, so cover them in cornstarch to prevent this stickiness, or buy some powder from your sex toy store.

When it comes to storing your vibrating dildos, make sure batteries are removed, and in the case of a rechargeable vibrating dildo, be sure it is fully charged before storing in a cool, dry place.

Blush Loverboy Large Vibrating Dildo

Common Questions People Ask

Will my partner’s vibrating dildo replace me?

For all the worried men out there, the answer to this is “no.” A realistic vibrating vibrator won’t replace you. The real thing is always amazing, but if you work different hours or need extra foreplay, these can be the answer here.

Will my vibrating dildo prevent me from reaching an orgasm during sex?

Vibrating dildos can help women to have much stronger and more frequent orgasms, so the answer to this is “no,” they won’t prevent you from having an orgasm during sex. Just be aware that everyone has their limits, and you can only come so many times. These toys are great for teasing and for orgasms too. Make up your mind exactly what you want before play with a partner, and as long as they consent too, you’ll have a blast together!