10 Best Pocket Pussy Toys & Male Masturbators Reviewed in 2022

Male Masturbators
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Everything You Need to Know About Pocket Pussies

Male Masturbators
Pocket pussies are portable devices which are constructed to replicate parts of the female anatomy, and in the majority of cases, this is the vagin...
Ultimate Guide to Male Masturbators

Everything You Need to Know About Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators
Male masturbators don’t have as much of a history as the humble vibrator does. This isn’t to say there weren’t things out there that men were using...
Ultimate Guide to Fleshlights

Everything You Need to Know About Fleshlights

Male Masturbators
Fleshlights were conceived by one man during the pregnancy state of his wife. Being highly sexed, he was looking for a replacement as they were inf...