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Using a suction cup dildo allows users to caress their body while at the same time they may also enjoy pleasuring their vagina or stimulating their anus too.

Manufacturers have taken conventional dildos and placed suction cups on them. These suction cup additions allow them to be used in all manner of locations where there is a smooth or flat surface. So now users can try many positions where they can take control of their sexual destiny and get a little kinkier with their experience, rather than just playing on the bed or couch.

With almost every type of dildo available in a suction cup dildo type, there is no reason for any woman or man not to fulfill their needs, be it for solo play or enacting that perfect position they’ve been yearning to try.

Suction cup dildos bring an entirely new meaning to sexual play, and it’s one that can now become a lot more energetic should the user want it to.

Willy's 9 Inch Suction Cup Dildo

Different Types and Styles

When looking at suction cup dildos, it’s easier to say what types there isn’t, rather than the vast variety which now come with suction cups. Every fantasy can be lived out, and there is no excuse for any person not to choose a suction cup dildo over a conventional design. If you want adventurous play with great position availability, then these are for you.

Here we will take a quick look at some of the options that are available:

Realistic suction cup dildos – These are made to replicate the male penis and come in a soft, lifelike coating that resembles the skin of the penis. With a large head and bulging veins, this will be the closest a woman can get to being taken from behind while using her realistic suction cup dildo.

Vibrating suction cup dildos – These are often more streamlined and with a harder coating, and generally not made to offer realism. However, you can hit the switch and the vibrations can make any user quiver while they are backed up against a wall and using it in just the right position and location.

Slim anal suction cup dildos – These are designed for hands-free anal fun that’s easy to insert. For men or women, there’s no chance of these suction cup dildos going too far in. The suction cup acts as a flared base so safety is ensured.

Giant suction cup dildos – These are huge dildos which now come with a suction cup attachment. They can be placed anywhere for the more experienced dildo users to receive their eye-watering pleasure without the effort needed with hands on play.

Double penetration suction cup dildos – Two heads are better than one, and now any woman can have double the fun and simulate double penetration on herself. Just line yourself up to the double headed dildo and ease back to bring the body to an exquisite climax with your own movement.

USA Cocks Dual Density Realistic Dildo

How to Choose Suction Dildos for You

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a suction cup dildo. You have an entire range from which to choose, so a lot of it will come down to what pleasure you are seeking, and this will be halfway to helping you select the suction cup dildo that is right for you.

All suction cup dildos are designed to give users the best experience possible. So to obtain this, there are some considerations when choosing:

  • Colors – Suction cup dildos come in loads of colors. Flesh color, black, pink, blue, red, and many more.
  • Shapes – Straight, curved, slim, anal, plus lots of other takes on design.
  • Sizes – These range from small dildo size right up to giant dildo size.
  • Materials – Silicone, rubber, glass, and more.
  • Special features – Double penetration, realistic versions, and ejaculating models.

As you can see, there is hardly any type of dildo that doesn’t come with a suction cup fitted. But, with so much choice, you still need to narrow it down to find the best suction cup dildo for you, so here are a few of the above broken down.

Size – Although you might be tempted to go for a large suction cup dildo, you do need to consider the size that fits your body best of all. Just because it can be hands free, that doesn’t mean your body will feel comfortable riding it against the wall. You also need to know that when using a suction cup dildo, you might be exerting more force than if you were guiding it by hand, so one that is too large might ruin your experience.

Shape and material – Materials need to be durable and body safe, and there is also the type feeling you want to experience. Harder shafts tend not to be as lifelike, but some women are not worried about realism with their suction cup dildo and only want the pleasure. You can find suction cup dildos that meet any of these four textures:

  • Smooth – Designed for easy penetration.
  • Rippled – Come with enhanced stimulation in mind.
  • Realistic – Designed to mimic the male penis.
  • Various sizes – Designed for step by step penetration e.g. anal bead style.

 Shower Stud Suction Cup Dildo

What Are the Benefits

Suction cup dildos offer some very unique benefits compared to other dildo designs, while others are pretty similar. The first benefits are regarding how they can be used for added mental stimulation.

Women or men can place their suction cup dildo in so many areas that any fantasy can be relived. It’s harder to visualize a sexual scenario while using your hand than it is to actually be in the position you are imagining and going through the motions. This can lead to an orgasm in much the same way if you were with a partner and going through the actual motions of intercourse or anal sex. There can be a greater feeling of satisfaction when your head slumps toward the floor after grinding your body against your suction cup dildo than dropping it onto the bed too. Your subconscious mind will enjoy the similarity of the real thing!

Suction cup dildos can also make anal penetration more comfortable. There is no more bending and stretching, and all you need to do now is choose a flat surface, and gently guide the tip of the suction cup dildo where you want it to go, exactly. Additionally, a suction cup dildo can reach parts that need stimulation easier than a hands free model, so that’s a big plus.

Jock 10 Inch Dildo

Some Safety Considerations

There are some safety considerations when using a suction cup dildo. Some are unique while others are the same as if using any other dildo type.

Because the dildo will more often than not be used while stuck to a surface, caution is required on the force you will be placing on your suction cup dildo. When using your hand you can feel any tension that could damage a realistic dildo, but while using other parts of your body, this feeling will be restricted or diminished. The urge to ride or back on to a suction cup dildo with force should be limited until you have it inserted with plenty of lube. This is vital if you are using a realistic type of suction cup dildo for anal pleasure, mostly because the muscles are stronger in that part of the body.

Addiction Brandon 7.5 Inch Silicone Suction Cup Dildo

There are many suction cup dildos which can be used in the shower, and although there’s plenty of water to help get the body wet enough, there is still the need for lubrication. Wet from water and wet from lubrication are two different things. This is worth noting because these will create a slippery surface if they fall on the floor, and because they don’t mix with water very well, you might find yourself sliding across the tiles. Be super careful in wet areas.

If using a suction cup dildo with partners, it’s also advisable to restrict sharing them; this might seem to be an inconvenience because you need to pull them from the surface to clean them. One way to be safer is to have one each, and getting different colors will enable you to know which one is yours and which one is your partner’s. Color coding can be safe and fun!

As with many sex toys, it’s important to stick to water-based lubrication, because most of these suction cup dildos will be made from silicone, and silicone lube will degrade the surface and its ability to hinder bacterial growth too.

Hung Rider Butch 11 Inch Huge Suction Dildo

Where Can You Use Your Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos are versatile and were created with this versatility in mind. There are lots of places where you can use a dildo of this variety.

Here are a few ways you can use a suction cup dildo:

Against a wall or the headboard of the bed – Doggy style is the number one position people choose when using a suction cup dildo. It’s easy to adjust the height to your liking, and then it’s just a matter of backing on to the dildo and inserting it before letting your body take over for a sexual workout that hits the spot.

On the floor – If you feel like some squatting action, then this way will give your legs a real workout. Stick your suction cup dildo to the floor and gently lower yourself on to the tip before going all the way. You are in control and can move on it your way.

On furniture – Try out a chair for more squatting action. Now you can simulate that really sexy strip routine, but with penetration. You can even grip the back of the chair as you grind against your suction cup dildo. If you have one with added testicles, then let this stimulate the outer parts of your body.

Against a mirror – These are one of the best places to stick a suction cup dildo. Not only do you get some great reverse action, but the temperature will rise as you crane your head and watch your realistic suction cup dildo slide in and out. Now you’ll have a great visual experience to accompany the stimulation you are feeling inside.

Home Grown 7 Inch Realistic Suction Dildo

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Taking care of a suction cup dildo is much like any other, but you do need to make sure the suction part is clean of debris or hairs. This might take extra care when washing or you’ll find the suction cup no longer sticks, and that will leave you with a less than pleasant experience during play.

If you have a suction cup dildo that’s made from pure silicone, this can be washed and sterilized by using a dishwasher. Give it a rinse and clean under warm running water. You can use a gentle liquid detergent that contains antibacterial properties, then place it on the top shelf of the dishwasher and set it for a cycle. You can also place a silicone dildo in a large pot of simmering water and let it sit there for a couple of minutes to sterilize it.

Either way you wash it, you can dry it with a lint-free towel, but you might find it trying to stick to the fabric. This is natural with silicone and rubber materials, and a quick dousing in cornstarch will return it to its smooth and slick feel. The seller might also sell powder for your toy, so that’s something you can get, too.

When it comes to storage, you’ll need to keep it in the original packaging, and hopefully, your supplier sent your suction cup dildo with a protective bag. This prevents any dust from making its way onto your dildo.

Any place you decide to store your dildo should be cool and away from any heat. Even silicone that can withstand heat might not take too well to prolonged periods of heat exposure or high humidity.

Colours Pleasures Silicone Dildo With Suction Cup

Common Questions People Ask

My suction cup dildo keeps falling off the wall when I push my vagina against it. How can I get it to stick?

Firstly, you should check there are no small bits of dirt on the suction cup, after this, make sure the surface is smooth like tiles or a mirror. If there is any part of the surface that isn’t smooth, it won’t stick. You can also moisten the suction cup with a bit of water, and this really helps.

I can’t pull my suction cup dildo off the mirror, how do I remove it?

Some suction cups do fasten pretty tightly, but removing them is quite simple. What you should never do though, is tug at the surface of your dildo because you might tear it. All you need to do is peel one side up a little to let air under the suction cup. It should then drop off the mirror. Be careful not to let it fall on to the floor.