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Everything You Need to Know About Realistic Dildos

Everything You Need to Know About Realistic Dildos

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Realistic dildos are designed with one purpose, and this is to replicate the male penis as much as possible. This will include the shape, the size, the texture, and the firmness as well as any other variables that can be found on a male penis.

Many individuals prefer a realistic feeling dildo over the feel of hard plastic as it helps them to achieve orgasm due to realism. These realistic dildos often come with a large glans (head) for added realism, and a pair of testicles to finish off the look. Veins might also bulge from the length of the shaft in an attempt to simulate the male penis attributes.

Some models are even cast from real male porn stars for added realism, and for added mental stimulation for the user too. Most of these realistic dildos also come in natural colors to make the experience all the more natural and fulfilling for the user.

Doc Johnson Remote Control Vibrating Dildo

Types of Realistic Dildos

Because these dildos are meant to replicate the male penis, and it is something they do very well, the types available can be limited because they will lose their realism if they venture too far away from what they were intended to do.

With this in mind, here are a few types of realistic dildos you can find on the market:

Standard dildo with suction cup - These will be in the form of a regular realistic dildo. The only difference being that they come with the addition of a suction cup that will allow the user to place them against any smooth surface where they can try out any different positions they wish. Now it’s much easier for women or men who like to be on top, and with a suction cup realistic dildo, they can reenact this very easily during play.

Vibrating realistic dildo with a controller – These dildos come with insertable bullet vibrators. They can add another dimension to the already lifelike experience of a soft feeling with the realistic shaft in their hands, or use it buried deep to stimulate their innermost parts. Because these dildos often come with testicles, they can be enjoyed for anal play as well as vaginal use.

Strap-on/ strapless realistic dildos – For women who like to take the man’s role, strap-on or strapless realistic dildos can fit the role and are either fastened to a strap-on harness, or they can be inserted into the vagina before she penetrates her partner. Some models come with a discreet hole where a bullet vibrating unit can be inserted to deliver more stimulation to both parties.

Cyber skin realistic dildos – These are as close as any dildo user can get to having the male penis for their pleasure, aside from the real thing. These cyber skin models deliver very lifelike sensations when used for solo play or on partners. These can come in all manner of sizes for user experience or for anal play.

Home Grown 7 Inch Realistic Suction Dildo

How to Choose Cyber Skin Dildo & Lifelike Dildos

Both cyber skin dildos and lifelike dildos have some characteristics which are the same when it comes to finding the best one that will meet all of your needs. Firstly, we’ll take a look at cyber skin dildos…

Here, make sure it comes from a reputable company. Some manufacturers use chemicals to bond the materials together which cause allergic or toxic reactions. Size and features are other must-know options. Take a look at what you like best, or buy a few different types to compare. That’s the best part!

Shane Diesel Realistic Dildo

Now, when you add lifelike dildos into the equation, the things to look at become more regular, with size being one of the first considerations.

Lifelike dildos are soft on the outside and have a hard core on the inside to allow for easier penetration. Because the exterior is soft and squidgy, you can find these feel better when inserted, but they will still have the overall circumference. Although they are soft, they don’t adapt to the body as much as an inflatable dildo would, as an example.

Although it might be tempting to go for a fatter-girthed model, you are better choosing one that you know will fit your size. Additionally, if the size is too large for what your body can take, the skin of the dildo could tear because of how soft it is.

Shape and texture will be level across the board because they are all aiming to be a replacement for the male penis. Although there may be larger testicles or no testicles, the shaft will be very similar with lifelike bulging veins, although, these might be of different sizes.

Jock 10 Inch Dildo

What Are the Benefits of Realistic Dildos?

Realistic dildos deliver the best in adult entertainment when it comes to a very realistic experience. This comes in a few areas that we can see here:

Incredible stimulation – It’s overlooked how much internal stimulation can be received from a real penis. All parts work together from the bulging veins, the throbbing head and the hardness of an erection. Perfectly, these features work together to stimulate nerve endings that are found in the vagina or inside the anus. Realistic dildos do an outstanding job when they can replicate these feelings and stimulate the same parts as a penis would do. With lifelike testicles, these add to the stimulation by rubbing against the perineum or the clit or legs during play.

Pleasure on demand – A male erection is hard enough yet flexible enough to be used in a variety of positions. Lifelike dildos are able to replicate this with their inner core while still remaining soft to the touch. Unlike a male penis that needs rest in between performing, a lifelike dildo can keep going as long as the user wants.

Variety is the spice of life – Realistic dildos offer something very different to dildos that come with smooth surfaces. For some women, they like the penetration but are unable to fulfill themselves with this unnatural surface feel. Lifelike dildos meet this need and make it easier for them to visualize the sexual action whilst masturbating, or during partnered play. They can feel very realistic in anal play too, for both gay or straight couples.

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Some Safety Considerations

Most of the safety concerns with realistic dildos come from the material being used. These are often porous so prolonged exposure to water can cause them to become soaked like a sponge.

If they are designed to be waterproof, then this problem would be resolved, unless they have a vibrating unit that’s not intended to be used in water.

Realistic dildos should also be used wearing a condom, and this is all the more important if they are used for anal pleasure. As mentioned, the surface can be porous, which is ideal for bacteria to enter and fester. Using a condom can prevent this, and it can save lots of cleaning after use too.

When using a realistic dildo, care must be taken with regard to the coating. This is molded around a central core that (with excessive force or aggressive handling) can tear the skin and possibly expose the hard center piece.

Most realistic dildos that come with testicles are safe to use in anal as they act as a flared base, this can be said for the ones with a fitted suction cup too. These can be used when fastened to a surface or used by hand. And here, care must be taken with the soft, lifelike, dildo skin. If you have the dildo on a chair or the floor, extreme bobbing up and down could pull the skin from the central rigid structure. In all instances, plenty of water-based lube should be used.

King Cock 6 Inch Realistic Uncut Dildo

Where Can You Use Your Realistic Dildos?

There are a few scenarios where these realistic dildos can be used. Here are a few of the most regular areas:

Oral practice – This might appear to be a contradiction of use, but many individuals do use a realistic dildo to perfect their oral skills. From just becoming comfortable with a penis-sized object in the mouth, to full-on deepthroating. Learning something new has never been as much fun!

Double penetration – This is an area that many women fantasize about. With a couple of realistic dildos, she can experience this without the need for people, or if she has one partner, she can experience it without the need for a third person.

Role reversal – There are a lot of females who want to be in the male position. So, with either a strap-on or a strapless lifelike dildo, they can do just that. It makes it easier for them to pleasure their female partner through penetration, and, with a strapless model, they can experience the pleasure together.

Pegging – Moving on from pleasuring a female partner, women can now use one of these realistic dildos in either the strapless or strap-on variety and pleasure their male partner in what is termed as pegging. With lots of water-based lube, this has opened up a whole new avenue of adult sex play.

King Cock 13 Inch Realistic Dildo

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Realistic dildos need careful cleaning and washing because of the surface. Each vein, and under the rim of the head needs thorough cleaning because these are areas where bacteria can take root.

Washing with warm running water and antibacterial soap is advised before making sure they are thoroughly dry. Once you reach this point, there is a good chance they will feel tacky to the touch. There is nothing wrong with this, and it’s the natural reaction of the material after it has become wet.

It is possible to purchase renewal powder, and a sprinkling of this on to the surface will have the same effect. They will be nice and smooth; ready for the next session.

Some materials can also deform if left in an area of direct sunlight or heat. For this reason, they need to be kept in areas that are dark and cool. Most manufacturers supply these realistic dildos with a protective bag. These have a dual purpose because some come with an antibacterial lining; the second use is to prevent lint or dust from sticking to the surface.

King Cock 13 Inch Dildo

Common Questions People Ask

1. I am interested in pegging my husband, but I am not dominant, any suggestions?

Being dominant has nothing to do with pegging in many cases. Even your husband doesn’t need to be submissive, actually. This leads to a whole new avenue of adult sexual antics. Pegging can be just the two of you broadening your horizons and experiencing something new. He might just want a different feeling, and you can give it to him within the partnership. Your roles don’t have to change at all.

2. Will there be a mess if I use my realistic dildo for anal pleasure?

Many people eat healthily and take a shower before any anal play and also use anal douching to make sure there is no mess. But, there are also a lot of people who don’t go to this extreme, and they have none or very little mess. If you are unsure, you can place a waterproof sheet and towels on the bed just in case.

3. What is the best position to use a realistic dildo?

There is no right or wrong position when it comes to using a dildo. Manufacturers try to cater for all positions, and this was why the suction cup was introduced. Some users are flexible and can fit into all manner of positions, but some people are not so lucky. Using a realistic dildo with a suction cup can enable users to perform anal stimulation on themselves, or they can pretend they are performing ‘woman on top’ positions. It’s all down to the imagination and which position/s you want to try.

4. Can I use my realistic dildo for temperature play?

If you have a realistic dildo made from silicone, then yes you can, but apart from that, it’s safer not to because of the damage you can do to the soft materials they’re created from. Glass dildos are best for temperature play.

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